Update on status of Sandhurst road repairs

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Update on status of Sandhurst road repairs

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:01 pm

Recent response recieved from the infrastructure department goes as follows:

Our Road Needs Study has identified that approximately 50% of Sandhurst Shores roads require reconstruction “now”, while the other 50% is recommended within the 6-10 year window. I agree that the roads in Sandhurst require work but to put things into perspective the study identified a total of $30.5 million in “now” priorities, $8.3 million in the 1-5 year horizon and $5.4 million in the 6-10 year window.

Many municipalities are facing the same challenges that Greater Napanee is currently experiencing and funding opportunities are somewhat limited. It is financially impossible to incorporate all of the “now” needs into our short term capital budget so each year the worst roads are presented as part of budget deliberations. We are currently reviewing the capital budget now but there are many roads in far worse condition than Sandhurst.

In summary, I am not sure if Sandhurst will make the list for 2015 but Bathhurst will be completed this year. Please feel free to call if you require any further information.



Peter Dafoe
General Manager of Infrastructure Services
Town of Greater Napanee
Tel: 613-354-5931 x2105


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