Close up and personal with the planets

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Close up and personal with the planets

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:07 am

Richard, Loren and I enjoyed the spectacular sights of Jupiter and its four moons, well that is until we noticed Io had vanished behind the disk of Jupiter. We could see the two major temporate zones and we might have spotted the Great Red Spot on occasion. Then again, that just might be age??

Mars was it its largest diameter in twenty plus years and while it was low in the South Western horizon at 1030 PM, we could pick out some colour variations toward the center. Ice cap was not visible.

Saturn was the grand queen of the sky that night and every night its visible. The rings were tilted nicely to get a great perspective of the planet and we think Titan was visible well off the full extent of its orbat around the gas giant.

After the fellas left for the night, I tracked down the great globular cluster in Hercules. What a sight.
2FC8103700000578-3383727-image-a-12_1451908564846.jpg Mars(13 Kb) Downloaded 45 times
jupiter_impact_mar2016.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg Jupiter not exactly as we seen it but this picture is close showing (a comet) put roughly what Io looked like before vanishing(25 Kb) Downloaded 27 times
Mars_1_June_2016_0306ut_wjaeschke.jpg Mars June 2016(46 Kb) Downloaded 44 times
m13mlscab.jpg The globular cluster in Hercules M13(624 Kb) Downloaded 33 times


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